Magnetic Particle Inspection Services in Scotland and the UK

Magnetic Particle Inspection

At Scotia NDT, we have the capability to work quickly and efficiently to reduce customer costs, whilst maintaining the highest quality of standards.

We have MPI Benches capable of testing components up to 1m in length.

We can handle large batch quantities forgings and machined components with quick turnaround on all inspections.

For smaller items such as “Fasteners” we have a portable MPI bench units capable of testing up to 350mm in length, of which can be mobilised to site  with an experienced technician, reducing lead times and cost on the transportation of the components to be inspected.

For inspection of welds on pipe spools or structural steel work, this can be carried out in-house or on-site quickly and cost efficiently with the aid of portable electro-magnets.

MPI is one of the most reliable, cost effective and efficient methods for detecting surface or near surface defects on a variety of ferromagnetic components.

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