Hardness Testing in Scotland and the UK

Hardness Testing

This method of inspection is very versatile and can be undertaken both at our purpose built facilities in Annan or onsite throughout the UK. 

At Scotia NDT we offer the latest in hardness testing capabilities in the form of the Proceq 550 and UCI Probe. Ultrasonic Contact Impedance probe has the capability to test Welds, HAZ, heat treated parts and complex shapes in order with quick and reliable results.

The UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) method uses the same pyramid-shaped diamond as a conventional Vickers hardness tester. Unlike Vickers testing, no optical evaluation of the indentation is required, enabling fast and portable measurements. The UCI method excites a rod into an ultrasonic oscillation. The test load is applied by a spring and typically ranges from 1 to 10 kg of force (HV1 – HV10). As the diamond is forced into the material, the frequency of the rod oscillation changes in response to the contact area between the diamond and the material under test. The instrument detects the shift in frequency, converts it to a hardness value which is immediately displayed on the screen.

This means Scotia NDT can produce quick accurate and reliable results of the hardness of all your components that you require to meet various international standards.